KPTV: Father’s Day DIY

June 15, 2011

Today’s segment on KPTV {with the adorable Kimberly Maus} featured the following DIY crafts:

DIY Shirt Cards click here for detailed instructions

Upcycled Aprons {double bonus: you get to clean out Dad’s old T shirt drawer!}


This super cute apron is an easy way to create a personalized gift for Dad.

1. Find an old apron {a few stains are ok!} and raid Dad’s closet for favorite T’s that deserve retiring.  T’s with holes and misc stains are perfect since we are only using the printed parts.

2. Grab your scissors and begin to cut out the parts of the shirts that you want to use on the apron. Hint: be sure to cut close to, but not ON, the lettering {we’ll tell you why later}.

3. Place the cut T shirt bits creatively across the apron {this is a great time to cover an old stain if you need to!}.

4. Use a simple sewing machine to stitch the perimeter of each bit.  {Don’t try to run your needle over anything that has been printed on because it seems to bunch up to fabric and caused us some headaches!  This is why you want to leave a little cotton perimeter when you’re cutting out your bits}

5. Pat yourself on the back!  You’re done – and Dad will be thrilled that his T’s will live on for another few decades!

BBQ Worthy Oven Mits

Oven mitts tell Dad that you a) love him and don’t want him to burn himself over the grill and 2) that you’re ready for BBQ!  Here’s a quick how-to:

1. Purchase oven-mitt quality fabric {JoAnns or Fabric Depot are great!} and a complimentary, pattern or color that fits your Dad to a T.

2. For a pattern, you can either use an oven mitt from home or “guestimate” like we did by tracing and exaggerated  version of your own hand.  Then use your pattern to cut 2 sides out of your heat resistant fabric.

3. Use the same pattern but exaggerate a bit more to cut 1 side of the mitt from the patterned fabric {pay attention to which side this fabric will go on because this will determine the hand that fits the mitt}

4.  Sew 1 heat resistant piece and the patterned piece together.

5.  Now we’re ready to sew the remaining pieces together.  {Hint: at this point you should have 1 side that is backed with patterned fabric and one that is bare}.  Sew them inside out.

6.  Finish your exposed pieces {where your hand enters the glove} and…  you’re done!  Now, get BBQ’ing!

PS. If our instructions are too difficult, click here for another version of the same project.

Beer Coozies

Super cute, and waaaaay easy…

1. Grab some felt and extra accessories {buttons, letters, ribbon, etc} at your favorite craft/fabric store.

2. Cut the felt into aprox 3 inch strips, enough to wrap around a beer or soda bottle.

3. Now decorate!  Use your imagination… Dad’s favorite sports team, hobby, colors, etc. provide a ton of inspiration to make these coozies personal.  We used our hot glue gun to attach each element and then also to seam the backside.

4. Done!

Easy Snack Bags

Snacks are always appreciated by Dad and this craft doesn’t even require instructions!  We filled an antique Ritz Cracker tin with goodies like Tillamook cheese, CornNuts, summer sausage, etc.  We created cute little tags like “Daddy O Snacks” to personalize it even more.


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