Favorite New Trend: Bouquet Preservation via Canvas

April 23, 2013

Last week we had the absolute pleasure of having the adorable, Reenie Rose {aka. Loreen Hospodar} visit us from Chicago. And let me tell you… If you are planning a wedding and don’t know who she is, you’ll thank us later.

Please meet our new friend, Loreen:

This gal has some serious talent {plus a ton of charm} and we just fell in love with her and her art. See, like us, Loreen is kinda in love with weddings and flowers. And like Kim, has a background in fine art. One day she combined the two and – Voila! – she began a thriving business painting bridal bouquets. Seriously, how cool is that?

Each wedding season we have brides who inquire about bouquet preservation, which is unfortunately, not as popular {and usually a fairly toxic procedure involving formaldehyde!} as it used to be. Loreen’s artwork creates an heirloom quality piece for couples to treasure for decades to come. She loves to imagine the pieces being passed down from generation to generation. Just take a peek at a few of her bouquets. {Yes, those are PAINTINGS. NOT photographs.}

And did we mention that she’s super savvy too? She’s come up with several ways for her artwork to be gifted to couples – including a gift registry to which multiple sources can contribute. Genius.

We are secretly {oops, not so secret anymore} hoping to see one of our bouquets on canvas some day!

If you want to know more about her services, contact her direct at 708.651.6628 or info@reenierose.com

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  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely post!!! I’ll be honest, I’m secretly hoping to see one of your bouquets on canvas some day too! xoxo

  2. 699 days ago,
    Angela Parker said:

    my wedding is in two weeks and Kim at Geranium Lakes is doing my flowers. I am very interested in getting more information about preserving my bouquet via canvas. I would like to get pricing, size of the piece, and time frame please. This is a great idea!

  3. Wow.. Amazing.. Photography.. Great post.. Thank you very much for sharing…

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